News release: PSAA launches new website

Today (12 July 2017) PSAA launched our new website. The website has a new look and aims to balance information about our role as an Appointing Person with information related to the continued delivery of our transitional functions. There are four new feature boxes on the home page.

Appointing person information – find out more about our role in appointing auditors to opted-in principal local government and police bodies from 2018/19

Frequently asked questions – search the FAQs to find answers to questions about the appointing person arrangements

Find information about a principal local government or police body – search for a principal local government or police body to find the appointed auditor, scale audit fee, annual audit letters and public interest reports

From 2017/18 we will not be responsible for appointing auditors to NHS and small bodies. Information on NHS and small bodies for years up to 2016/17 will continue to be available on our archive website.