Proposed individual scale fees for pension fund audits

Proposed individual scale fees for 2019/20 audits of pension funds

OrganisationType2019/20 scale fee (£)
Avon Pension FundME£22,180
Barking And Dagenham Pension FundSE£16,170
Barnet Pension FundSE£16,170
Bedfordshire Pension FundME£18,325
Berkshire Pension FundME£19,120
Bexley Pension FundSE£16,170
Brent Pension FundSE£16,170
Bromley Pension FundSE£16,170
Buckinghamshire Pension FundME£19,275
Cambridgeshire Pension FundME£17,256
Camden Pension Fund
Cheshire Pension Fund
City Of Westminster Pension FundSE£16,170
Croydon Pension FundSE£16,170
Cumbria Pension FundME£18,957
Derbyshire Pension Fund
Devon Pension FundME£22,024
Dorset Pension FundME£19,362
Durham Pension FundME£19,957
Ealing Pension Fund SE£16,170
East Riding Pension FundME£21,938
East Sussex Pension FundME£20,487
Enfield Pension FundSE£18,857
Essex Pension FundME£24,075
Gloucestershire Pension FundME£18,325
Greater Manchester Pension FundME£43,383
Greenwich Pension Fund
Hackney Pension Fund
Hammersmith and Fulham Pension FundSE£16,170
Hampshire Pension FundME£24,442
Haringey Pension Fund
Harrow Pension FundSE£16,170
Havering Pension FundSE£16,170
Hertfordshire Pension Fund
Hillingdon Pension FundSE£16,170
Hounslow Pension FundSE£16,170
Islington Pension FundSE£16,170
Isle of Wight Pension FundSE£16,235
Kensington and Chelsea Pension fundSE£16,170
Kent Pension FundME£23,537
Kingston Upon Thames Pension FundSE£16,170
Lambeth Pension FundSE£16,170
Lancashire Pension FundME£26,310
Leicestershire Pension FundME£21,280
Lewisham Pension FundSE£16,170
Lincolnshire Pension FundME£18,750
Merseyside Pension Fund
Merton Pension FundSE£16,170
Newham Pension FundSE£16,170
Norfolk Pension FundME£20,866
North Yorkshire Pension FundME £19,206
Northamptonshire Pension FundME£18,699
Nottinghamshire Pension FundME£23,043
Oxfordshire Pension FundME£18,563
Redbridge Pension FundSE£16,170
Shropshire Pension FundME £18,039
Somerset Pension FundME£18,371
Southwark Pension FundSE£16,170
Staffordshire Pension FundME£22,050
Suffolk Pension FundME£19,270
Surrey Pension FundME£20,871
Sutton Pension FundSE£16,170
Teesside Pension FundME£21,972
Tower Hamlets Pension FundSE£16,170
Tyne and Wear Superannuation Fund
Waltham Forest Pension Fund
Wandsworth Pension FundSE£21,175
Warwickshire Pension FundME£18,397
West Midlands Integrated Transport Authority Pension FundSE£16,170
West Midlands Pension FundME£37,436
West Sussex Pension FundME£20,364
West Yorkshire Pension FundME£37,380
Wiltshire Pension FundME£18,669
Worcestershire Pension FundME£19,222

ME– Multi-employer funds

SE – Single-employer funds