Frequently Asked Questions

In what circumstances can an auditor be changed during the five year appointing period, and how does this differ from locally procured arrangements?

The main circumstances in which PSAA will consider changing an auditor appointment during the five year appointing period are: for independence reasons, such as the identification of a conflict of interest involving the existing audit firm; the emergence of new joint working arrangements where the appointment of the same auditor to all partners would be […]

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We have a joint committee which no longer has a statutory requirement to have an external auditor but has agreed in the interests of all parties to continue to engage one. Is it possible to use this process as an option to procure the external auditor for the joint committee?

The requirement for joint committees to produce statutory accounts ceased after production of the 2014/15 accounts and they are therefore not listed in Schedule 2 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014. Joint committees that have opted to produce accounts voluntarily and obtain non-statutory assurance on them need to make their own local audit […]

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What are the benefits of opting in to PSAA’s scheme?

The national scheme offers a range of benefits for its members: transparent and independent auditor appointment via a third party; the best opportunity to secure the appointment of a qualified, registered auditor; appointment, if possible, of the same auditors to bodies involved in significant collaboration/joint working initiatives, if the parties believe that it will enhance […]

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