Frequently Asked Questions

We are considering opting in to PSAA’s appointing person scheme but are mindful of the imminent Local Government Reorganisation (LGR) and the impact if the structure of our council changes.

When an authority ceases to exist they are automatically removed from our scheme, therefore any decision to opt-in would no longer stand. Given the potential uncertainty of LGR, a decision to opt in could provide a helpful safety net. If an authority decides not to accept the opt-in invitation before the closing date (11 March […]

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We have a joint committee which no longer has a statutory requirement to have an external auditor but has agreed in the interests of all parties to continue to engage one. Is it possible to use this process as an option to procure the external auditor for the joint committee?

The requirement for joint committees to produce statutory accounts ceased after production of the 2014/15 accounts and they are therefore not listed in Schedule 2 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014. Joint committees that have opted to produce accounts voluntarily and obtain non-statutory assurance on them need to make their own local audit […]

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What are the benefits of opting in to PSAA’s scheme?

PSAA…. is the Government’s choice to run this vital procurement – MHCLG’s Spring statement confirmed our appointment because of our “strong technical expertise and the proactive work they have done to help to identify improvements that can be made to the process” has a specialist, experienced team who will use that technical expertise and sector […]

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