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Find out more about our role in appointing auditors to opted-in principal local government and police bodies from 2018/19

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News release: PSAA launches new website

11 July 2017 Today (12 July 2017) PSAA launched our new website. The website has a new look and aims to balance information about our role as an Appointing Person with information related to the continued delivery of our transitional functions. There are four new feature boxes on the home page. Appointing person information – find out more […]

News release: Procurement of audit service delivers outstanding results

20 June 2017 Local government and police bodies throughout England will pay reduced fees for audit services following the results of a highly successful procurement process undertaken by Public Sector Audit Appointments Ltd (PSAA). Aggregate savings are expected to exceed £6m per annum, equivalent to a reduction of approximately 18% in the scale fees payable by local bodies. […]