Advisory Panel

PSAA has established a stakeholder advisory panel to inform and support the development and operation of the appointing person scheme. Members of the panel are drawn from representative organisations for councils, police and fire bodies. The first meeting of the group was held on 30 September 2016 and the group meets approximately three times per year.

Terms of reference

To provide PSAA with ready access to the sector’s views on the design and operation of the Appointing Person scheme as well as a channel of communication with the sector. Specifically it will:

  • assist PSAA in developing the framework for the appointing person arrangements;
  • provide feedback to PSAA on proposals as they develop; and
  • help PSAA maintain effective channels of communication with the sector and understand needs.

Current membership

Representatives from the following organisations are members of the Advisory Panel:

  • Society of District Council Treasurers
  • Society of London Treasurers
  • Society of Metropolitan Treasurers
  • Society of County Treasurers
  • Society of Unitary Treasurers
  • Association of Local Authorities’ Treasurers Societies
  • Police and Crime Commissioners Treasurers’ Society
  • Fire Finance Network
  • Local Government Association