Contract monitoring 2022/23

Annual Audit Quality Monitoring report

We produce an Annual Audit Quality Monitoring report under the Appointing Person arrangements. It covers three headline indicators of compliance with professional regulation, client satisfaction, and contractual compliance, with relevant supporting information.

For 2021/22 and 2022/23, given the issues related to the local audit and reporting backlog, our published report covers the work of local auditors appointed by PSAA for both financial years and provides relevant related information.

Our annual report for 2023 was published in February 2024.

Annual client survey

We anticipate that the annual client survey for 2022/23 will be issued in Autumn 2024. The survey provides an opportunity for Chief Finance Officers and Audit Committee Chairs at opted-in bodies to provide feedback on their experience of the audits of accounts. It recognises the importance of the auditor’s relationships with both Management and Those Charged With Governance and probes into different aspects of the audit and the auditor’s performance.