Annual report and accounts

PSAA publishes an annual report of its activities, together with its audited accounts, after the end of each financial year. The annual report outlines PSAA’s main activities and performance during the previous financial year and sets out in summary form its forward plans.

2018/19 annual report and accounts

The 2018/19 annual report and accounts cover PSAA’s fourth full year of operation. The company’s focus in 2018/19 was on implementing the arrangements necessary to discharge our statutory auditor appointment and associated responsibilities as an appointing person from 1 April 2018. We also continued to deliver the functions delegated to PSAA under the transitional arrangements, which end in early 2019.

The financial statements have been prepared in compliance with United Kingdom Accounting Standards, including Financial Reporting Standard 102 The Financial Reporting Standard applicable in the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland (FRS 102) and the Companies Act 2006, under the provisions of the Large and Medium-sized Companies and Groups (Accounts and Reports) Regulations 2008 (SI 2008/410).

The 2018/19 audit committee annual report was approved by the audit committee on 25 June 2019.

The company’s auditor, UHY Hacker Young LLP, issued an unqualified opinion on 18 July 2019.

PSAA 2018-19 Annual Report and Accounts

PSAA 2018-19 Audit Committee Annual Report

PSAA 2017-18 Annual Report and Accounts