Freedom of Information (FOI)

Right to Information

The Freedom of Information Act does two main things:

  • It gives applicants a general right of access to recorded information held by public authorities – with some procedural and substantive limitations.
  • It imposes an obligation on public authorities, including PSAA, to maintain a Publication Scheme approved by the Information Commissioner.
How to find or apply for information
Freedom of Information Policy

The PSAA Freedom of Information Policy sets out how to request information and how we will process your request.

Appointed Auditors

Whilst PSAA is treated as a public authority under the Freedom of Information Act, the auditors appointed by PSAA operate under their own statutory powers, separate from those of PSAA. Appointed auditors are not ‘public authorities’ for the purposes of the Freedom of Information Act and the information they hold is therefore not subject to the provisions of the Act.

How does this affect my right of access to information?
  • If the information you require is held by the appointed auditor, the Freedom of Information Act does not apply:
    • You should address your request to the appointed auditor
    • The appointed auditor will consider whether they can provide you with the information requested by considering Schedule 11 of the Local Audit and Accountability Act 2014.
  • If the information you require has been passed to PSAA by the appointed auditor, the Freedom of Information Act applies, and you can request information using the process as set out in the Freedom of Information Policy.
Publication Scheme

The PSAA Publication Scheme lists the range of information we proactively make available without the need for specific FOI requests.  It also gives details of how the information can be obtained and any charges.

Our Publication Scheme sets out the information that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recommends should be routinely available to the public and acts as a quick link guide. Wherever possible, it provides an easy method of accessing that information.

We recommend you start your information search by looking at the Publication Scheme.