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Questions and answers

We consulted on the 2020/21 scale fees earlier this year and published the 2020/21 scale fees on 31 March 2020. We have published a ‘Q&A’ setting out our answers to questions raised during the consultation.

Managing Audit Quality

We are committed to ensuring that the quality of the audit work provided by our suppliers is of the highest standards.

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PSAA response to the FRC’s report on its inspection of major local audits in 2018/19

30 October 2020 PSAA takes very seriously the Financial Reporting Council (FRC)’s report on its inspection of major local audits (MLA) in 2018/19. PSAA agrees with the FRC’s statement that high quality audit is essential to maintain stakeholder confidence by providing an independent, impartial view of an MLA body’s financial statements and arrangements in place to secure value for […]

PSAA issues its response to Sir Tony Redmond’s review

7 October 2020 Following the publication of Sir Tony Redmond’s review of financial reporting and auditing in local government bodies, PSAA has written to all Section 151 Officers and Audit Committee Chairs on 7 October outlining its response which is as set out below.   Dear Section 151 Officer/Audit Committee Chair Redmond Report As I am sure you […]