News item: Independent analysis of the outcomes of electors’ objections

A unique element of the local government accountability framework is the long-held rights of local electors to inspect accounts and related documents, and to object to auditors about issues of concern. In recent times electors have been able to access far more data and information than when the right to object was originally enacted, because of developments such as transparency reporting and the Freedom of Information Act.

Publicly available information about objections and their outcomes is limited. The work on them is often mainly confidential correspondence between the auditor, the objector and the local body with the outcome reported to the local body. Although the auditor’s decision and detailed statement of reasons is sometimes reported in the public domain, this is not always the case. To help address that gap PSAA has commissioned an independent analysis of the outcomes of objections.  The report is contained in the link below.

Analysis of Objections April 2015 to June 2019