Update on PSAA’s consultations on its plans for the second appointing period

PSAA has today published a report detailing responses to its recent consultation plans for the second appointing period for the national scheme for local auditor appointments. The two important consultations gathered feedback on proposals for the national scheme of local auditor appointments from 2023/4, consulting with eligible bodies and other stakeholders on the draft prospectus for the national scheme for local auditor arrangements from April 2023, and with the audit services market on important features of its procurement strategy.

PSAA received a good response to both consultations that closed 10 July. In most of the areas that PSAA consulted on which were within their remit, there was an overall response of support for the national scheme. We have shared the key consultation findings and the specific areas requiring urgent action with the new Local Audit Liaison Committee (Liaison Committee), which is chaired by MHCLG and attended by senior representatives of a range of local audit stakeholders. The Committee agreed the need for a variety of actions, sometimes by individual organisations but more often collectively across the system, to tackle identified issues which will support a more stable, more resilient, and more sustainable local audit system. The Liaison Committee will oversee those actions being taken forward.

PSAA has confirmed that they will be revisiting a few areas of their proposals that relate to; their approach to social value in the evaluation of tenders; contract management and information and communication with eligible bodies, more details of which can be found in the report. To coincide with the next stage of the scheme, PSAA will be running a webinar series to provide eligible bodies with the opportunity to engage on specific areas of the arrangements and PSAA’s work, and to help prepare for the second appointing period.

Steve Freer, PSAA Chair said: “The two consultations have been extremely helpful and we are very grateful to all respondents. The feedback provided is invaluable as we continue to develop and refine our thinking for the next phase of the national scheme and the critically important next procurement.

It has also been helpful to hear further views about the wider local audit system and, where actions are required, to be able to fast track them with partner organisations through the new Liaison Committee.

PSAA is currently finalising the prospectus for the national scheme from April 2023 and the procurement strategy. Both documents will be published at www.psaa.co.uk in late September 2021 and referenced in the opt-in invitation that will be issued to all eligible bodies at the same time.

Eligible bodies have until Friday 11th March 2022 to formally respond and accept the opt-in invitation. Under the Regulations this is a decision that needs to be taken by Full Council (or for Corporations sole, by the holder of that office).

For further information visit: the dedicated area on our website.