Launch of DPS call-off competitions for local audit services

Today we launched the following call-off competitions under our local audit DPS – with a tender return date of 17:00 on 19th October 2023:

Call for competition: Lindsey Marsh Drainage Board (LMDB) (631349170-1)

Call for competition: Hartlepool Development Corporation and Middlesbrough Development Corporation (HDC-MDC) (631349170-2)

Only those suppliers already appointed to the DPS will receive notification of and be able to tender for this opportunity. If this is potentially of interest to you, I strongly encourage you to apply to join the DPS by submitting a completed SQ form and supporting information as soon as possible. Information can be found at  

We are holding a joint briefing session for potential Tenderers via Zoom between 16:00 and 17:00 on Wednesday, 27 September 2023. If you wish to attend the briefing session, please email with the names of attendees no later than 10:00 on 27 September 2023.