2022 – Expenditure exceeding £500

Reflecting its role in managing and safeguarding public money in the form of fees charged to audited bodies, PSAA expects to meet the highest standards of transparency. As such it follows the principles of the Local Government Transparency Code.

PSAA adheres to the following areas of the Transparency Code:

  1. Expenditure exceeding £500 (see Transparency Code paragraphs 28-29)
  2. Procurement information (see Transparency Code paragraphs 31-32)
  3. Organisation chart (see Transparency Code paragraph 44)
  4. Senior salaries (see Transparency Code paragraphs 48-49)
  5. Constitution (see Transparency Code paragraph 50)
  6. Pay multiple (see Transparency Code paragraphs 51-52)

Expenditure exceeding £500

PSAA publishes, not less than quarterly and not later than one month after the quarter to which the data and information is applicable, details of each individual item of expenditure that exceeds £500. This includes items of expenditure such as:

  • individual invoices;
  • expense payments;
  • payments for goods and services;
  • rent;
  • credit notes over £500; and
  • transactions with other public bodies

Spending Data (Expenditure) January to March 2022