Prospectus 2023 and beyond

PSAA published its scheme prospectus and its procurement strategy on 22 September 2021, alongside formally issuing invitations to all eligible bodies to opt into the national scheme for local auditor appointments for the period covering the audits of accounts for the five financial years 2023/2024 to 2027/2028.

The scheme prospectus was developed following a consultation on a draft prospectus in June 2021. We invited views and comments on our early thinking on the development of the national scheme for the next period. We also held three webinars to provide an overview of the draft prospectus and to answer any questions. Our frequently asked questions include the questions covered in these sessions.

During Autumn/Winter 2021/22, we also ran a series of webinars aimed at s151 Officers and Audit Committee Chairs to explain aspects of our work.