2016/17 audit fee scale

PSAA has published the work programme and scales of fees for 2016/17 audits of principal audited bodies.

The work programme sets out the work that auditors will undertake at principal audited bodies for 2016/17, with the associated scale fees for individual audited bodies.

There are no changes to the overall work programme for 2016/17. Scale fees for 2016/17 have therefore been set at the same level as the scale fees applicable for 2015/16.

Separate documents cover the work programme and scales of fees at local government and police bodies and at health bodies:

Scale fees for individual audited bodies 2016-17 (excel file) are available.

The work programme and scale fees does not cover small bodies subject to the limited assurance regime. Information about the audit of small bodies is available.

The results of the consultation are available.