Appointing person information

Public Sector Audit Appointments (PSAA) is specified by the Secretary of State for Housing, Communities and Local Government as the appointing person for principal local government and police bodies.

The role of the appointing person is to lead the development, implementation and management of a collective scheme for the appointment of local auditors and set associated scale fees. Local government and police bodies can choose either to organise their own processes to make their auditor appointment or they can join the collective scheme provided by PSAA as the appointing person.

For audits of the accounts from 2018/19, PSAA is responsible for appointing an auditor for the five-year appointing period to 2022/23 to relevant principal authorities that choose to opt into its national scheme. 484 (98%) of eligible authorities have opted in.

We have produced an overview of the appointing person scheme, outlining the nature and scope of the appointing person’s responsibilities and explaining why PSAA is well suited to take on this role. The overview  also provides a detailed progress report on our work to date to ensure that the role delivers significant, tangible benefits for the local bodies which opt in.  Appointing Person arrangements.

We have also prepared a set of frequently asked questions which aims to address the common questions we have received to date. We will keep these updated as development of the arrangements progresses.

To find out how to become an opted-in authority and to see the lists of authorities that have already opted in and those that are making local arrangements, click here.

The procurement of audit services for opted-in authorities is a key component of developing the appointing person arrangements. To find out more about the outcome of our procurement, click here.

We will continue to update the appointing person webpages regularly with progress at key stages. If you have a specific enquiry please contact us at

Establish an overall strategy for procurement

by November 2016

Achieve ‘sign-up’ of opted-in authorities

by 9 March 2017

Invite tenders from audit firms

by April 2017

Award contracts

by 30 June 2017

Consult on and make final auditor appointments

by 31 December 2017

Consult on proposed fee scale and publish fees

by 31 March 2018