2019/20 audit fee scale

PSAA has published the fee scale for the audit of the 2019/20 accounts of opted-in principal local government and police bodies.

Following consultation, PSAA has set the 2019/20 fee scale on the basis that individual scale audit fees for opted-in bodies are maintained at the same level as 2018/19 unless there are specific circumstances which require otherwise. This continues to give opted-in bodies the benefit of the cost savings achieved in the audit procurement, and continues the practice of averaging firms’ costs so that all bodies benefit from the same proportionate savings, irrespective of the firm appointed to a particular audited body. It also passes on the benefit of economies which PSAA has made in its own operating costs.

The 2019/20 fee scale document below sets out the scale of fees for the audit work to be undertaken by appointed auditors in respect of the 2019/20 financial statements at relevant principal authorities that have opted into PSAA’s national auditor appointment arrangements:

2019-20 scale of fees for opted-in bodies

Auditors will undertake their work under the requirements of the Code of Audit Practice and supporting guidance published by the National Audit Office on behalf of the Comptroller and Auditor General, the financial reporting requirements set out in the Code of Practice on Local Authority Accounting published by CIPFA/LASAAC, and the professional standards applicable to auditors’ work.

Scale fees for individual audited bodies are available from the links on the left.

A summary of responses to our consultation is also available.