Publication scheme

The PSAA Publication Scheme lists the range of information we proactively make available without the need for specific FOI requests.  It also gives details of how the information can be obtained and any charges.

Our Publication Scheme sets out the information that the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) recommends should be routinely available to the public and acts as a quick link guide. Wherever possible, it provides an easy method of accessing that information.

We have organised our information into the following seven categories, subject to legitimate charges (where appropriate) and relevant exemptions.

Charges for Publication Scheme items

We are committed to fostering a culture of openness, transparency and accountability. We support this by publishing as much information as possible on our website and by adopting the ICO’s model publication scheme.

Generally, information published on our website is available free of charge – although the user will have to meet any charges by their Internet Service Provider, personal printing costs etc.

If you are likely to be charged, we will let you know the charge at the time of the request.


Information listed in our Publication Scheme may be available in a number of forms:

  • On PSAA’s website
  • On another website (for which there may be a charge)
  • Supplied on receipt of a letter, or email to PSAA at


The Chief Executive is responsible for the scheme and day to day management of the scheme is the responsibility of the Senior Quality Manager.

If you have any questions or comments about our Publication Scheme please email


Unless otherwise stated:

  • PSAA holds the copyright for information contained within the publication scheme.
  • All material available via the website may be downloaded, copied or reproduced free of charge in any format or medium without requiring specific permission. This is subject to the material being reproduced accurately and not being used in a derogatory manner or in a misleading context. Where the material is being published or issued to others, the sources and copyright status should be acknowledged.
  • If you are maintaining or developing a website, you do not have to ask permission to link directly to pages hosted on the PSAA website. However, you must not link to information on our website in a way that implies a relationship with, or endorsement by PSAA, or which misrepresents PSAA content as being published by anyone other than PSAA.