How are audit fee levels set for each individual body?

PSAA follows the requirements of the Local Audit (Appointing Person) Regulations 2015.

PSAA consults annually on the fee scale. Individual scale fees are published on this website each year once confirmed by the PSAA Board following consultation.

We will continue to pool scheme costs and charge fees to audited bodies in accordance with our published fee scale as amended from time to time following consultations with scheme members and other interested parties. Pooling, sometimes referred to as ‘Post Office pricing’, means that everyone within the scheme will benefit from the prices secured via a competitive procurement process, a key tenet of the national collective scheme.

Additional fees (fee variations) are part of the legal framework. They only occur if auditors are required to do substantially more or less work than anticipated, for example if local circumstances or the Code of Audit Practice change or if the Regulator (the FRC) increases its requirement on auditors. The fee variations process ensures that fees for additional work are robustly assessed and cannot be invoiced until approved by PSAA.