About the Local Audit Quality Forum (LAQF)

Objectives of the LAQF

The objectives are to:

  1. encourage representatives of local audited bodies to work together to share and learn from good practice leading to real improvement in audit quality, efficiency and  effectiveness;
  2. bring together and join up the wider local audit community, creating a forum in which local audited bodies can engage with and better understand the roles and  concerns of auditors and other players and develop the ability to navigate the whole system;
  3. support and enable more confident leadership of audit committees, in turn contributing to more effective corporate governance and stronger public accountability;
  4. equip audit committees to carry out effective scrutiny of audit quality, auditor performance and audit outputs;
  5. enable sharing and exchange of good audit practice between sectors and jurisdictions, and ensure where appropriate that local audit learns the lessons and implements the good practice of others; and
  6. provide a forum in which PSAA can develop a closer relationship and engage in dialogue with audited bodies about developments in local audit and its appointing  person scheme.
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