Draft Prospectus for 2023 and beyond

Eligible Principal Bodies in England

The following bodies are eligible to join the proposed national scheme for appointment of auditors to local bodies:

  • county councils
  • district councils
  • metropolitan borough councils
  • London borough councils
  • unitary councils
  • combined authorities
  • passenger transport executives
  • police and crime commissioners for a police area
  • chief constables for an area
  • national park authorities for a national park
  • conservation boards
  • fire and rescue authorities
  • waste authorities
  • the Greater London Authority and its functional bodies
  • any smaller bodies whose expenditure in any year exceeds £6.5m (e.g. Internal Drainage Boards) or who have chosen to be a full audit authority (Regulation 8 of Local Audit (Smaller Authorities) Regulations 2015).
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Board Members

Steve Freer (Chairman)

Keith House

Caroline Gardner CBE

Marta Phillips OBE CA

Stephen Sellers

PSAA Board members bring a wealth of executive and non-executive experience to the company. Areas of particularly relevant expertise include public governance, management and leadership; local government and contract law; and public audit and financial management. Further information is available about PSAA’s Board.

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Senior Executive Team

Tony Crawley, Chief Executive

Sandy Parbhoo, Chief Finance Officer

Andrew Chappell, Senior Quality Manager

Julie Schofield, Senior Manager Business & Procurement

Within the PSAA senior executive team there is extensive and detailed knowledge and experience of public audit, developed through long standing careers either as auditors or in senior finance and business management roles in relevant organisations. Further information is available about PSAA’s senior team.

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